Eva Dambe-Kebadile

My name is Eva Kebadile (maiden Dambe). I am a wife, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, daughter in law, sister in law….friend, mentor, student…um all that. Well in early 2017 I decided I don’t want to be ordinary…i want to do something different for myself. I decided to carry out an internship in Dhaka.

Everyone was against the idea of going to a country where you are not sure to return. By the way I am an optimistic person. I just had to come to Dhaka. Man, the waiting was just too much, the Visa arrived 30 mins before my flight departs, 35km away from the airport… I just cudn’t miss my flight. Emirates was waiting….
Through this blog, by the way um a first timer… please bear with me…. I will write about my journey in Dhaka and my new self as I venture into social entrepreneurship in the midst of Climate Change and attaining sustainable development…



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