Daring in the face of uncertainties…

Eva Kebadile, a final year Master’s in Development Practice student from the University of Botswana left the comfort of her country to participate in a 3 months internship in Bangladesh, Dhaka. Crossing international boarders for the first time to pursue her  vision of  achieving “poverty reduction through employment creation” in her country, a landlocked nation with a population of approximately 2.25 million, high Gini coefficient  (about .63) and GDP per capita of about US$ 6,788.04 Eva went to Bangladesh. An extremely populated country with 163 million people, a low resource base, a vulnerable economy to natural disasters, and sociopolitical instability but  a world wide known success in poverty reduction through employment generation and other universal freedoms. Fortunate enough she went to Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) an apex  development organization established by the Government of Bangladesh to carry out sustainable poverty reduction and socio-economic progress through sustainable employment generation and people’s capability development. My journey in Dhaka starts here…


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